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Delivering for Our Neighborhoods
and Our Valley


Expanded Shelter Beds

Upon taking office, CD12 had zero temporary interim shelter beds. Today, thanks to John's advocacy, we've secured and established 202 beds to provide crucial support to those in need. By the end of his first term, CD12 will have over 480 total interim and permanent supportive housing beds open and available.

Community-Driven Solutions

Consistently stood with our community to oppose out-of-scale projects next to schools while championing thoughtfully planned projects in appropriate locations.  These initiatives not only address homelessness but also include essential components such as job training and mental health services.

Smart Encampment Management

Committed to the safety of our neighborhoods, John spearheaded the expansion of the City’s anti-camping laws to include sensitive uses like schools and daycares. Under his leadership, Council District 12 boasts the most robust enforcement in the entire City, working closely with LAPD to ensure our residents feel secure.

CARE+ Resumed

John took decisive action to resume CARE+ enhanced hygiene and street engagement services in our District to ensure that streets and sidewalks remain safe and passable.

Successful Inside Safe Operation

Collaborated with Mayor Karen Bass and Supervisor Lindsey Horvath to successfully conduct two inside safe operations in CD12. The operations at the Metrolink Station in Chatsworth and the intersection of Devonshire and Balboa brought a total of 70 unhoused individuals inside, offering them a path away from the streets.

Strategic Outreach

Secured funding for a dedicated outreach team from Volunteers of America, a trusted organization with a 125-year track record of helping and housing individuals in need. This team works closely with John and his staff to bring unhoused individuals in CD12 indoors and connect them with essential services. Together, we're making a lasting impact on our community.

Proven Leadership in Public Safety

Unwavering First Responder Support

Proud to be the sole candidate endorsed by firefighters, police officers, and other first responders, recognizing my commitment to their crucial work in keeping our community safe.

Defending Law Enforcement

Stood shoulder-to-shoulder with local police officers against the divisive calls for "defunding the police" and voted against a detrimental $150 million cut to LAPD's budget, ensuring our city's safety remains a top priority.

Cracking Down on Crime

Championed a groundbreaking ordinance to combat catalytic converter theft, rallying Council support with an 8-6 vote. 

Emergency Response Leadership

Took charge of city emergency resources and coordinated a swift response during the challenging Saddleridge Fire, ensuring the safety and well-being of our neighbors, and provided hands-on support to residents during the rebuild and recovery phase.

Investment in Police Divisions

Successfully secured funding for LAPD Devonshire Division, Topanga Division, and Valley Traffic Division, reinforcing our commitment to resource our law enforcement agencies adequately.

Combatting Illegal Street Racing

Collaborated with colleagues to establish a comprehensive multi-year work plan and funding strategy to combat the rise of illegal street racing and takeovers, addressing a growing concern in our community.

Innovative Anti-Theft Measures

Secured additional funds for a pilot project aimed at fortifying street light pull boxes, preventing copper wire theft, and enhancing neighborhood safety.

Amplifying the Voices of CD12 Residents

John Stops Nordhoff Dedicated Busway (BRT)

John listened to residents when they expressed their thoughts about LA Metro’s proposed dedicated bus line along Nordhoff. John worked for 3 years to help Metro consider better, less intrusive alternatives. Metro has now approved a better plan that doesn’t include a dedicated busway along Nordhoff and is significantly more cost effective and increases connectivity for the riders of the valley.

Community Unity, John Opposes Home Depot

John stood with the community in opposition of the Home Depot project. He personally went to the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council to ask the community to help put serious technical, land-use-related concerns on the record. John knows that this light-industrial development is out of character for Granada Hills and will bring greater traffic issues to the already crowded streets of the neighborhood.

John Holds California's Leaders Accountable for Aliso Closure

John has been our greatest advocate regarding the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak. He has introduced a city resolution calling on Governor Newsom to deliver a concrete plan for the expedited closure of the facility with reliability in mind. He knows countless families were affected by the leak, including his own. John will continue to hold state leaders accountable to keep the communities of CD12 safe.

Enhancing Our Neighborhoods

Animal Welfare Advocacy

Collaborated with activists and dedicated city employees to successfully reopen the West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth. Recognizing the importance of local animal shelters, this effort ensures the San Fernando Valley has adequate resources for animal intake, surrenders, and other crucial issues.

Community Partnerships for Beautification

Supported impactful partnerships with the West Valley Alliance and Los Angeles Conservation Corps, securing $125,000 in funding. This initiative focuses on critical services such as weed abatement, graffiti removal, and beautification projects throughout the district, fostering a cleaner, more vibrant community for all residents.

Open Dialogue with CD12’s Neighborhood Councils

Fostered ongoing collaboration and communication with our local Neighborhood Councils by gathering board members quarterly to discuss a wide range of issues impacting our communities and the city.

Empowering Local Business and Driving Economic Growth

CD12 Small Business Relief Fund

Since its launch in the spring of 2020, the CD12 Small Business Relief Fund, in partnership with the nonprofit The Change Reaction, has been a beacon of support for our local small businesses. In 2021, this program has been instrumental in keeping our community businesses afloat. Eligible businesses have received zero-interest loans ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. As of now, the program has disbursed over $600,000 in loans, providing vital assistance to more than 40 local small businesses in CD12.

Balancing Protections for Property Owners and Landlords

John has been a steadfast advocate for finding a balance between tenant protections and preserving the rights of mom-and-pop landlords who provide the affordable housing stock so desperately needed in this city. 

Welcoming New Businesses

Supported the creation of new businesses and jobs in Council District 12 by aiding businesses experiencing bureaucratic hurdles. John collaborated closely with local chambers of commerce and City departments like the Economic Workforce Development Department, to ensure that new businesses start off on the right foot and have access to the resources necessary for their success.

Serving Every Neighborhood of CD12
Northridge & North Hills

Sensible Transit Solutions for the SFV

John promised the voters of District 12 that he would not allow LA Metro to develop a dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane along Nordhoff. He followed through on that promise. John worked with LA Metro for 3 years to help them consider a better, less intrusive plan. Today, Metro's approved plan doesn't include a dedicated busway along Nordhoff, and it is significantly more cost-effective and increases connectivity for the riders of the Valley.

Investing in Our Youth with LAPD Devonshire PALS

The LAPD Devonshire PALS program has been a staple of the Northridge community for years. John has continued to invest in the program to ensure our future generations are prepared for success. Most recently, John and his staff helped establish LA's first indoor pod farm at the Greig Smith LAPD Devonshire Youth Center. This farm is part of a research project on indoor food production and sustainable gardening practices.

Continued Investment in the Community

John will always invest in our neighborhoods. During his tenure on the council, John has conducted multiple projects aimed at caring for our parks and historic spaces. In his first term, John completed projects at Dearborn Park, Northridge Park, Oakridge Estate, and Aliso-Limekiln Creeks.

Diversifying CD12's Energy Sources

Council District 12 will soon have the largest in-groud solar installation in Los Angeles. John fought to have this project built on underutilized LAWA property near the Van Nuys Airport. This land was unused until John got this project approved by the council.

Granada Hills & Porter Ranch

Leadership During the Saddleridge Fire

In his first 100 days in office, John was thrown into crisis management mode. He mobilized his office to work around the clock for two days to ensure our communities had the information and assistance they needed during the Saddleridge Wildfire in 2019. His staff helped residents recover by coordinating permits for damaged and lost homes.

Amplifying Residents' Voices Against Home Depot

When John found out that Home Depot was going to replace a beloved strip mall in Granada Hills, he personally went to the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council to voice his concerns. With the help of the community, he made sure that serious land-use-related concerns were put into the record.

Fighting for the Closure of the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility

John will continue to fight for the closure of the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility. John introduced a resolution calling on the State to deliver a concrete plan for the expedited closure of the facility. He will make sure State Leaders act with the community's safety top of mind.

Improvements for Our Parks and Our Historic Areas

John has lived in the district for over 45 years and knows what truly makes this portion of the Valley special. That is why he has funded multiple projects to care for the White Oak Deodar Trees of Granada Hills, beautify the Old Granada Village, develop The Vineyards at Porter Ranch, and care for our parks and pools through multiple maintenance projects.

Chatsworth & West Hills

Preserving Middle Class Jobs

John has advocated for Innov818 to ensure we preserve the industrial zoning in Chatsworth to attach new technology and green sector jobs to the Valley, instead of allowing it all to be converted to housing. These jobs provide good-paying, middle-class careers, which has been a hallmark of the Valley for decades.

Preserving Stoney Point Ranch & Equestrian Heritage

John understands the rich, equestrian heritage of Chatsworth. That is why he continues to work with city departments to ensure the future, long-term use of Stoney Point Ranch will remain a valuable community asset. John has also spearheaded the establishment of equestrian trail standards to ensure developed trails are consistently and properly built and maintained.

Addressing Safety Concerns in Woolsey Canyon

John has listened to community feedback about the dangers of "Dead Man's Curve" on the Woolsey Canyon road. He identified funding for the installation of new safety railing along the most dangerous portion of the curve, helping save future lives.

Bringing Funding to Community Green Spaces

The west side of the district is home to countless beloved greenspaces, and John wants to ensure they are always maintained for the community to enjoy. That is why he invested in multiple projects across the many parks and green spaces, such as Shadow Ranch Park, Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center, Chatsworth Park South and North, and many more.

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